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Portrayed byBrendan Penny

Wes is a student at the University of Washington.

Season 1

While Kyle is taking William Kern's battery of tests with Anna Manfredi, and Declan is off talking with the basketball coach, Lori is strolling on the campus. She hears someone say "Heads up." A Frisbee hovers over her head, and she reaches up to catch it. Wes is coming to retrieve it, and they start flirting with each other.


When Declan arrives, Wes understands that he is intruding and leaves.


After Kyle has taken all the tests and seen the photo of a student from 1985 who looks just like him, he is sitting with Lori. While Declan is chatting with Eve, Wes finds Lori and asks if she wants to look around the campus.


After asking Lori what she's going to study, what interests her, he says that she probably has a lot to say, she just hasn't found the right person to listen. We do not see Wes again, and Declan does not see Lori until the next morning.


Season 1

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