Toby Neuwirth
First SeenThis is Not a Test
Last SeenThis is Not a Test
Portrayed byCalum Worthy

Toby Neuwirth is a classmate of Josh Trager's during Season 1.

Season 1

Toby is laughed at in Remedial English class when he has difficulty reading aloud on the first day. Ms. Schultz asks Josh to finish the paragraph, which he does with ease. Toby immediately hates Josh for making him look even worse. Later in the lunchroom, Toby overhears Josh telling his friends that the class is "a bunch of morons who can't read. It's pathetic." When Josh sees the look on Toby's face, he knows he's in trouble.


Toby makes a point of bumping into Josh hard in the hallway, and Josh's friend warns him that "he's got major anger management issues."


As school is letting out, Toby is waiting for Josh on a landing of the big staircase. He picks a fight with him, shoving him into the wall and smacking him in the face. But Kyle arrives to defend Josh. Toby pushes Kyle down the stairs and is swinging to hit Josh in the face, when Kyle catches his hand and pushes him back.


Toby then tries to hit Kyle, who dodges so that Toby's fist hits the wall. Toby tries to push Kyle down the stairs again, but Kyle again dodges and catches Toby in mid-fall. As Mr. Hooper and Mr. and Mrs. Trager arrive, Kyle is holding Toby to restrain him from fighting further.

We do not see Toby again.


Season 1

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