Image Title episode
NoNavel Pilot Writer: Director: #1
A teenage boy wakes up in a forest outside Seattle, naked and wet like a newborn baby, with no memory before that point. Wandering into the city, he is arrested and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. A therapist is called to the case, and she is allowed to take him to her home. Calling him Kyle, she and her family begin to teach him the basics of life. Tests show super intelligence, and no navel. Kyle learns by immitating--with some comic and some surprising results. He soon earns his place in the family.
KyleSleepless Sleepless in Seattle Writer: Director: #2
Kyle is puzzled about time and why people focus on it. He has too much to learn and explore, to sleep. Nicole tries to find out why he isn't relaxing enough to sleep. Stephen wants to get him tired. Josh thinks Kyle is an "alien" from space. Police have no leads on a missing person like Kyle. The man in the old red truck is still following Kyle
KeycardMurder The Lies That Bind Writer: Director: #3
Stephen takes Kyle to work, where he does something else amazing. Police discover a skeleton near the place in the woods that Kyle shows in his drawings, and a strange symbol. Kyle is puzzling over truth and lies. The scary man in the red truck is listening.
DivingIn Diving In Writer: Director: #4
Kyle learns about going to the pool, how to swim, and modesty also. When Amanda visits, she sees Kyle's new bedroom and his drawings--of her. Everyone is going to a party with big expectations. The scary man is indeed dangerous; his name is Tom Foss.
KyleEncyclopedias This Is Not a Test Writer: Director: #5
Nicole takes all three kids to the first day of school. Hillary is still at war with Lori. Josh is in remedial English. And Kyle may not be allowed in school. Foss breaks into the Trager house, yet is now their security guard.
AmandaTub1 Blame it on the Rain Writer: Director: #6
During a stormy night, Kyle has a dream of another stormy night and draws a hooded man that may be a memory. Declan is a surprise guest, and joins the family birthday party for Lori. Amanda comes over, so they all have a strange day together. Kyle also remembers a number, but is more troubled about remembering no past.
KyleGotGame Kyle Got Game Writer: Director: #7
The man murdered in the woods was the man in Kyle's drawings: Prof. Kern. Foss has a plan to stop any connection to Kyle. Kyle is busy trying to be the "secret weapon" in a championship basketball game. Josh has a special interest in the outcome.
Kyle1985 Memory Serves Writer: Director: #8
Kyle is hypnotized and retrieves very disturbing memories of the murder. He goes with Declan and Lori to UW to see if he has a connection with Prof. Kern. He finds a shocking photo and a connection that is far more important. Stephen and Kyle both have clues to a place that Kyle is warned to forget about.
ZzyzxIsWatching Overheard Writer: Director: #9
Someone besides Foss was watching Kyle. They know him by the number he had discovered, and they want him dead. With Declan helping, Kyle uses a new ability to find out more about Foss. But his efforts cause serious brain overload. Foss is trying to protect Kyle, at the risk of both their lives.
WhoAreThesePeople Endgame Writer: Director: #10
Two people appear, claiming to be Kyle's parents. Everyone is distressed, most of all Kyle. Another attempt to kill him and more information about his origins help him decide.

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