Air Date August 21, 2006
Written by Eric Tuchman, Steven Lilien, & Bryan Wynbrandt
Director Michael Robison
Episode number 109
Next episode Endgame

Kyle discovers that he has the ability to read lips and listen to distant conversations, so he recruits Declan and uses the newfound abilities to investigate Tom Foss.


After Tom Foss’ warning in the forest, Kyle decides to give up his search for his past; but with coaxing by Nicole and a new-found super hearing and the ability to read lips, he decides to go back to his search. Enlisting Declan’s help, Kyle begins to follow Foss. But during their stake-out of Foss’ apartment, Kyle overhears something that might be too much for the boys to handle.

Kyle and Declan aren’t the only ones following Foss. Cyrus Reynolds is hoping that Foss will lead him straight to Kyle. Has Kyle’s search for his past taken a deadly turn for him and possibly the Tragers?

Josh stresses over his grades. Lori sees Charlie cheating on Amanda with Hillary, and Kyle's "parents" come to take him "home".

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