Mr. Miller
First SeenThis is Not a Test
Last SeenThis is Not a Test
Portrayed byAlejandro Rae

Mr. Miller is Lori's math teacher at Beachwood High School during Season 1.

Season 1

In the first day of classes, Mr. Miller notices that Lori and Hillary are passing notes. Only Lori receives after-school detention for it. Mr. Miller then shows the class a math problem that graduate school students might not be able to solve. If anyone does solve it, they would immediately get an A.

Mr. Miller leaves at the end of class and returns to see that the problem had been answered. When "Trager, comma Lori" arrives for detention, Mr. Miller is still baffled. She offers to take him to the person who answered it, in exchange for release from detention. Mr. Miller agrees, and Lori takes him to meet Kyle in the principal's office.

The principal, Mr. Hooper, has refused to let Kyle attend the school, as he hadn't taken the placement tests and had been in an "altercation" on the stairway. Mr. Miller arrives and tells Mr. Hooper that Kyle must be a student there so he can work with him. The Tragers also urge Hooper to let Kyle try again.


Season 1

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