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Portrayed byMaxine Miller

Lily has been the secretary in the Science Department at the University of Washington "forever".

Season 1

When Kyle, Lori, and Declan visit the Science Department at UW, hoping to find some connection between Kyle and Professor William Kern, they meet Anna Manfredi, who had been the research assistant for Prof. Kern. After Kyle notices a photo in a display case that includes a student who looked just like him in 1985, Anna tries to find out his name. The next morning, Anna brings them back to the Science Dept. to meet Lily, the secretary there. When Lily sees Kyle, she says, "Oh, those eyes! Who could ever forget those eyes....Adam Baylin was brilliant, one of the finest graduate students we've ever had. And believe me, I've been here forever, so I know....William Kern was like a mentor to him. They were involved in several projects together. But it's not just Adam's academic achievements I remember. It's the way he took the time to ask me about my life. He was that way with everyone. Curiosity, sensitivity: that's what I miss."


Asked by Kyle for a way to contact him, she says, "Oh sweetheart, didn't you know? You can't ask him anything. Adam Baylin has been missing for twenty years."


Season 1

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