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Kyle XY was an American television series produced by ABC Family about a boy who wakes up in the forest outside of Seattle with no memory. The story follows the boy who later is given the name Kyle as he tries to discover who he is and why he has no memory before that day. We meet the family that takes him in, the kids' friends and where they go to school and work. The premise is science fiction, but the setting was present-day at the time of the productions (2006-2009).

The story proceeds like a mystery drama, so any information from a later part will spoil the suspense. This website offers detailed information about all parts of the series, so any webpage may be a "spoiler" if you have not already seen the entire series. Proceed at your own risk.

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Kyle XYSeason 1
● 01 Pilot ● 02 Sleepless in Seattle ● 03 The Lies That Bind ● 04 Diving In ● 05 This Is Not a Test ● 06 Blame It on the Rain ● 07 Kyle Got Game ● 08 Memory Serves ● 09 Overheard ● 10 Endgame
Kyle XYSeason 2
● 01 The Prophet ● 02 The Homecoming ● 03 The List Is Life ● 04 Balancing Act ● 05 Come to Your Senses ● 06 Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish? ● 07 Free to Be You and Me ● 08 What's the Frequency, Kyle? ● 09 Ghost in the Machine ● 10 House of Cards ● 11 Hands on a Hybrid ● 12 Lockdown ● 13 Leap of Faith ● 14 To C.I.R., with Love ● 15 The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades ● 16 Great Expectations ● 17 Grounded ● 18 Between the Rack and a Hard Place ● 19 The First Cut Is the Deepest ● 20 Primary Colors ● 21 Grey Matters ● 22 Hello... ● 23 I've Had the Time of My Life
Kyle XYSeason 3
● 01 It Happened One Night ● 02 Psychic Friend ● 03 Electric Kiss ● 04 In the Company of Men ● 05 Life Support ● 06 Welcome to Latnok ● 07 Chemistry 101 ● 08 The Tell-Tale Heart ● 09 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ● 10 Bringing Down the House

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