Kyle XY was an American television series produced by ABC Family about a boy who wakes up in the forest outside of Seattle with no memory. The story follows the boy who later is given the name Kyle as he tries to discover who he is and why he has no memory before that day. We meet the family that takes him in, the kids' friends and where they go to school and work. The premise is science fiction, but the setting was present-day at the time of the productions (2006-2009).

The series has been and is being shown in many countries around the world. All three seasons are available as DVD's from ABC Family and other outlets. Complete episodes can be viewed by high-speed connections at ABC Family as originally broadcast in HD format with ad and station breaks. Similar quality is available at All episodes can be found at YouTube on many channels and in various languages. A given channel may not include all episodes ('crackedvenom2' lacks season 3, 'abrahambj92' lacks season 1, for instance), and quality of video and sound vary widely. Kyle XY can be watched on Netflix, with all three seasons available. 

After three seasons, the show was unfortunately canceled by ABC Family due to poor ratings. However, many people continue to enjoy it on Netflix.

The story proceeds like a mystery drama, so any information from a later part will spoil the suspense. This website offers detailed information about all parts of the series, so any webpage may be a "spoiler" if you have not already seen the entire series. Proceed at your own risk.

Brief description of each episode, with link to scene-by-scene account of each episode:

Season 1   ten episodes
Season 2   twenty-three episodes
Season 3   ten episodes

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