Kyle Got Game
Air Date August 7, 2006
Written by Bryan Wynbrandt & Steven Lilien
Director Patrick Williams
Episode number 107
Next episode Memory Serves

Kyle links his memory to a missing professor, but finds a welcome distraction when he joins the basketball team. Meanwhile, Nicole gains a better understanding of Kyle's unique situation.


Troubled by Kyle’s vivid nightmares, Nicole continues searching for the man in Kyle’s dreams and the possible link this man may have to the body found in the woods. In her search, she comes across information about Prof. William Kern and his work with brain power. Nicole’s search leads her to a book, written by Kern, about his study of human brain activity that leads her to believe Kern has something to do with Kyle’s past and possibly the murder. Nicole and Stephen watch a news report confirming that the skeleton found in the woods was that of Prof. Kern.

Meanwhile, Josh realizes Kyle has abnormal skills at basketball and uses it to his advantage to make some quick cash. He gives Kyle material to read about everything related to basketball, including Michael Jordan. Once Kyle joins the school basketball team, Lori also takes advantage of the situation to get closer to Declan, who is also on the team. Josh starts to feel as if his father is appreciating Kyle's skills a little too much, and he gets jealous of Stephen's zeal for Kyle.

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