Cyrus Reynolds
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Portrayed byAndrew Jackson

Cyrus Reynolds was the head of security at Zzyzx following Tom Foss' resignation and was trained by Foss. He is instructed by Rebecca Thatcher to terminate 781227 (Kyle). He is the secondary antagonist of Season 1.

Season 1


Cyrus was informed by another Security employee at Zzyzx that an intruder had been caught on camera. Cyrus recognized the figure as 781227, presumed to be dead, and relayed the information to Rebecca Thatcher. Rebecca demanded of Cyrus an explanation of such a breach of security, and ordered him to eliminate both 781227 and his mysterious protector, later revealed by Kyle to be Tom Foss.


Cyrus was tailing Tom on his security rounds, but Tom jumped him in his car. He warned Cyrus to leave Kyle alone, but Cyrus said "Oh, we'll get him."


Cyrus followed Tom following Kyle to the carnival, where he knocked out Tom and came close to killing Kyle, until Kyle collapsed from over-straining to use his super hearing.


Cyrus followed them to the hospital, and bribed the MRI technician to not disclose the results. Later, when Kyle met up with Tom Foss in the forest, Cyrus tried to kill both of them, but only wounded Tom. Kyle then left with the Petersons, and Cyrus told Rebecca that the paper trail lead to a dead end.

Rebecca thinks she knows where Kyle has gone, and who has been the cause of their problems. She tells Cyrus that she will take care of Adam Baylin, and 781227. Since Cyrus and Rebecca do not appear in season 2, it is assumed that they were killed when Tom firebombed the Zzyzx complex.


Season 1

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