Blame It on the Rain
Air Date July 31, 2006
Written by Elle Triedman
Director Michelle MacLaren
Episode number Sn1 #6
Next episode Kyle Got Game

As it pours outside, Kyle has memories that leave him more confused. Everyone is kept inside, and secrets start to come out.


During a storm in the night, Kyle has a dream vision of a man in a rain parka staring at him through a car window. Declan knocks at Kyle's window, wearing a similar parka for the rain. He wants to spend the rest of the night, and Kyle agrees. Trying to sneak him out the front door in the morning, they are seen by Stephen, and Declan pretends to be coming over to wish Lori happy birthday. He is invited for breakfast. Kyle stays depressed about his lack of memory even of his own birthday. Amanda comes over to see Kyle, and joins him in his tub.

Electrical power goes out, and Tom surprises Stephen outside checking the fuse box. They see foot prints at Kyle's window, and some blood on the window glass, and Stephen wonders if the man Kyle drew from his dream is the intruder that Tom pretended had been at Kyle's window before. They go inside so Tom can see the drawing. From his patrol car, Tom makes another mysterious phone call, reporting that Kyle is beginning to remember.

All the kids decide to play with a Ouija board. Kyle asks for his birthday and gets 7-8-1-2-2-7. Josh enters it into his "Kyle file" notepad. Kyle has a fit of frustration about the alien-like traits being all he knows of his life, and has to be calmed by Nicole. Lori questions Declan about the changing stories of how he cut his head and was at their house. Back at his apartment, Foss sees the footage of Declan coming in Kyle's window, and connects him to a car accident. As Tom is leaving after telling the Tragers, Kyle again thinks he recognizes him.

Kyle is included in Lori's birthday celebration, and gets a little kiss from Amanda as he had wished. The next morning, Kyle recognizes the man in his dream when he sees a picture in the newspaper of Professor Kern, reported as missing from UW. Answering a call from Nicole, Det. Breen flips over the security card from the murder site. On the back is the number "781227."

Dramatis personae




  • No-one noticed that Declan was dry, even after supposedly coming in out of the rain.

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