Anna Manfredi
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Portrayed byEileen Pedde

Anna Manfredi was Professor William Kern's research assistant at the University of Washington.

Season 1

Anna ItWas

During Kyle's visit with Lori and Declan to the UW, Kyle and Lori are in an academic office in the Science Department, when a woman enters carrying an emtpy box to pack things in. Lori introduces herself and Kyle and says that they were told it was Professor Kern's office. The woman says "It was," pointedly referring to the recent discovery of his death.

Anna DoYouKnowMe

They explain that Kyle thinks he may be connected somehow to Kern. Anna initially dismisses them as weirdos, until Kyle quotes a report about Kern's work. He asks her if she recognizes him as one of Kern's students or study subjects. Anna pauses for a moment, but says that she does not recognize Kyle, and would know everyone involved in the research.

Anna results

Kyle insists on taking Kern's tests to show that he must be connected. While Anna is telling Lori and Declan how incredible Kyle's results were, Kyle sees a photo in a display case with him as one of the graduate students, but the photo was taken in 1985.

Anna ClearToYou

Anna finds Kyle sitting on a bench outside, and tells him "William would have been so excited to meet you. Somehow, you achieved William's dream: to possess a mind as fast as a computer. Think of all that you can accomplish." Kyle says that he only wants to understand who he is.

Anna RingABell

Anna knocks on the dorm room where Kyle and Declan are staying to tell Kyle that she found out the name of the young man in the 1985 photo: Adam Baylin. She asks "Does it ring a bell?" When he says no, Anna says "Don't get discouraged. There's someone I want you to meet." Lily, the department secretary, tells them that Adam Baylin was a wonderful person as well as the finest student they ever had, but he has been missing for twenty years.

Anna TakeYourTime

Anna shows them boxes of Adam's research papers, remarking that he must have been very special for it to have been saved for so long. She says that Adam "disappeared without a trace." Kyle says "Anything I can find out about Adam Baylin is here in these boxes." Anna tells him "Take your time," and leaves.

We do not see Anna again.

They don't find anything that makes any further connection, until Kyle sees a sketch sheet that includes the odd symbol he had been drawing that was on the key card with Kern's skeleton, and map coordinates. With that, he and Declan are off on an adventure that changes their growing relationship, and changes the story.


Season 1

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